September 15, 2021 Elizabeth Freedman

Elizabeth Freedman

"The ladies who work at McGees are not just sales people; they are educators. I have been going there for years, with a very limited budget. Many times I didn't have money to buy anything more than a book, but they patiently helped me understand the spiritual meaning behind the Hopi Kachinas. They taught me to spot the telltale differences between the authentic and the knock-offs, between true artistry and tourist offerings. At times, recognizing the love carved into the Kachinas brought tears to my eyes. There was a particular Kachina that held personal meaning for me. When I first saw it many years ago, it was completely beyond my budget. In the intervening years, it fell out of popularity with the people. I looked everywhere , but either it could not be found or if it was, it was of poor workmanship. Finally, last summer, there it was, and as luck would have it, I had a little more money than usual and there was a sale going on. When I saw the price, however, I almost threw up."