Native American Gifts in Keams Canyon, AZ

McGee’s Indian Art Gallery is your destination for traditional and contemporary fine arts in the style of the Hopi Navajo tribes. Our gallery started as a trading post by Thomas Keam in 1874, who sold it to Lorenzo Hubbell in 1902. The McGee family bought the trading post in 1938 and transformed it into the gallery it is today, with Ron McGee presently managing the collection. Come visit us and see our treasures for yourself—we’re located on the Hopi Indian reservation in historic Keams Canyon, AZ.

Native American Gifts

Explore the Beauty and Sentiment of the Hopi Culture

Native American art is an expression of culture and emotion, and it tells stories that pre-date the written word. At McGee’s Indian Art Gallery, these stories come to life in every unique and authentic piece of art brought into our collection. From pottery to baskets, jewelry to kachinas, everything in our gallery is exceptional and genuine. We only show Native American-made arts and crafts—most coming from within a few miles of our gallery.

Located on the Hopi Reservation

Located on the Hopi Reservation at Keams Canyon, AZ, we’re fortunate enough to work with many local artisans and pottery and kachinas artists who’ve perfect their craft and brought sentiment to one-of-a-kind pieces that are true-to-culture. Whether you’re an avid collector, looking for a one-of-a-kind statement piece or simply fall in love with something in our gallery, we promise you’ll find at least one piece that speaks to you.

Because of their significance in this region, we display predominantly Hopi-inspired art. From messenger kachinas inspired by ancient carvers in Walpi and Oraibi, to hand-fired bowls, ollas, wedding vases, and ceremonial vessels, there’s no describing the beauty, intricacy and inspiration that resonates from the pieces in our collection. No two are the same—even though they tell the story of a culture that’s deeply rooted right here in Keams Canyon, AZ. Visit us today and explore our gallery for yourself!

  • We’re located in a beautiful area of Keams Canyon, right on the Hopi Reservation.
  • Come discover a beautiful selection of kachinas, jewelry, baskets, plaques and pottery!
  • The art we carry has become part of Native American art collections around the world.
  • Our selection of artistic pieces also includes authentic Navajo rugs and jewelry.
  • McGee’s Indian Art Gallery has been a must-visit destination for over 85 years!
Native American Gifts

Discover a Native Work of Art

From pottery and baskets to stunning kachinas and ornamental depictions of Hopi culture, you’ll find works of art across our gallery. Come explore today and refine your collection with an authentic piece of Native American artisan beauty.

We ship our Native American art all over the United States of America!

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