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Hopi Pottery

McGee's Gallery offers you a large and changing selection of Native American pottery--bowls, ollas, wedding vases, and ceremonial vessels. Living within the Hopi Nation here in Arizona, we obviously feature the work of contemporary Hopi artists. However, we continually look for and stock classic pieces from the potters living in other Pueblos, particularly those artists working in the Rio Grande Valley.

In our Gallery, you will find contemporary designs executed by today's leading ceramic artists. Alongside the contemporary, you also find pottery carrying the famous classic designs, some of these designs date back more than 400 years. The Hopis especially draw on a rich heritage of decorations and shapes, reminiscent of the historic artisans of Sikyatki and Awatovi--those ancient potters whose creations were landmarks in creativity.

Within a lump of clay, a part of Mother Earth, the artist senses potential beauty, and begins the task of bringing those rhythms to life for your admiration and enjoyment. Born in fire, Native American pottery has moved from a state of primitive utility to a highly desirable and collectable art form. It is our privilege to show you some of the finest pottery work being done today.

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